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Ātīna, ae. f., = Ἄτινα.

  1. I.
    1. A. A town in Latium, still called Atina, Liv. 9, 28; Verg. A. 7, 630; cf. Mann. Ital. I. p. 675.
    2. B. Ātīnas, ātis, adj., of Atina, Atinatic, or Atinatian: praefectura, Cic. Planc. 8.
      Absol.: in Atinati, in the Atinatic territory, Cic. Att. 15, 3.Ātīnātes, ium, m., the inhabitants of Atina, Cic. Planc. 8.
  2. II. A town of the Venetians, Plin. 3, 19, 23, § 131; cf. Mann. Ital. I. p. 95.
  3. III. A town in Lucania, now Atena; hence, Ātīnas, ātis, adj., Atinatic: in Atinate campo, Plin. 2, 103, 106, § 225.