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Pā̆trō̆clus, i (collat. form Pā̆trĭcŏ-les, is, Enn. ap. Cic. Tusc. 2, 16, 38; cf. Enn. p. 92 Vahl.
Gr. acc. Patroclon, Prop. 2, 8, 33 Müll.; al. Patroclen), m., = Πάτροκλος and Πατροκλῆς.

  1. I. Son of Menœtius and Sthenele, the friend of Achilles, slain in single combat by Hector, Hyg. Fab. 97; Ov. P. 1, 3, 73 al.
  2. II. A man, otherwise unknown, from whom the Patroclianae sellae (i. e. latrinae) take their name, Mart. 12, 77, 9.
  3. III. The name of an elephant of king Antiochus, Plin. 8, 5, 5, § 12.