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Poppaeus, i, m.; Poppaea, ae, f., the name of a Roman gens.

  1. I. Masc., Poppaeus Sabinus, Tac. A. 1, 80; 4, 46; 5, 10; 6, 39: Poppaeus Silvanus, id. H. 2, 86; 3, 50.
  2. II. Fem.: Poppaea (on inscrr. also Poppea and Poppaia) Sabina, wife of the emperor Nero, Suet. Oth. 3; id. Ner. 35; Tac. A. 13, 45 sq.; id. H. 1, 13; 78; Inscr. Orell. 731; 733; Inscr. Fratr. Arval. ap. Marin. tab. XVII. b, p. 123.
    1. B. Poppaeā-nus, a, um, adj., named after Poppœa, Poppœan: pinguia, a species of cosmetic (bread-dough mixed with asses’ milk), Juv. 6, 465.