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bĕnĕfĭcentĭa, ae, f. [from beneficus, like magnificentia, munificentia, from magnificus, munificus; cf. Beier and Gernh. upon Cic. Off. 1, 7, 20], the quality of beneficus, kindness, beneficence, an honorable and kind treatment of others (opp. maleficentia, Lact. Ira Dei, 1, 1; several times in the philos. writings of Cic.; elsewh. rare): quid praestantius bonitate et beneficentiā? Cic. N.D. 1, 43, 121: beneficentia, quam eandem vel benignitatem vel liberalitatem appellari licet, id. Off. 1, 7, 20; 1, 14, 42 sq.; 2, 15, 52 and 53: comitas ac beneficentia, id. de Or. 2, 84, 343: uti beneficentiā adversus supplices, Tac. A. 12, 20: beneficentia augebat ornabatque subjectos, Sen. Ep. 90, 5; Vulg. Heb. 13, 16.