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1. consultor, ōris, m. [consulo].

  1. * I. One who maturely considers, reflects, takes counsel upon a thing, etc., Afran. ap. Non. p. 5, 6, 8 (Com. Rel. v. 332 Rib.).
  2. II. One who gives counsel, a counsellor, adviser.
    1. A. Prop. (several times in Sallust; elsewh. rare): egomet in agmine, aut in proelio consultor idem et socius periculi vobiscum adero, Sall. J. 85, 47; so id. ib. 103, 7; id. H. 3, 61, 15 Dietsch.
      1. 2. Prov.: malum consilium consultori est pessumum, Annal. Max. ap. Gell. 4, 5 (acc. to Hes. Op. et D. 264: Ἡ δὲ κακὴ βουλὴ τῷ βουλεύσαντι κακίστη), and Varr. R. R. 3, 2, 1; cf.: prava incepta consultoribus noxae esse, Sall. H. 1, 48, 1 Dietsch: sua exempla in consultores recidisse, Tac. A. 6, 10.
    2. B. Trop.: ita cupidine atque irā, pessumis consultoribus, grassari, Sall. J. 64, 5.
  3. III. He who asks counsel of one, a consulter; esp. used of him who consults a lawyer in reference to a suit at law, a client (several times in Cic.; elsewh. rare), Cic. Balb. 19, 45; id. Mur. 9, 22 bis; id. Tusc. 5, 38, 112; * Hor. S. 1, 1, 10: dei, Luc. 5, 187 (i. e. qui consulis deum, Schol.).