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flā̆grum, i, n. [cf.: fligo, af-fligo, etc. and flagellum], a whip, scourge, lash (syn.: verber, scutica, flagellum).

  1. I. Lit., Plaut. Am. 4, 2, 10; id. Cas. 1, 35; id. Merc. 2, 3, 81; Liv. 28, 11, 6; Suet. Oth. 2; Juv. 5, 173; Dig. 47, 10, 9 al.
  2. II. Transf.: ad sua qui domitos deduxit flagra Quirites, i. e. to servitude, Juv. 10, 109.
    As a term of reproach applied to a slave: Gymnasium flagri, salve, School for the scourge, i. e. on whom the scourge is often tried, Plaut. As. 2, 2, 31: lassitudo conservum, rediviae flagri, i. e. whose skin is cut up by the lash, Titin. ap. Fest. s. v. redivia, p. 270, 20 Müll.