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mensārĭus, a, um, adj. [mensa], of or belonging to the table or counter; only subst.

  1. I. mensārĭus, ii, m., a money-changer, banker
    1. A. In gen.: mensaril nummularii, Paul. ex Fest. p. 124, 17 Müll.: Cassius Parmens. ap. Suet. Aug. 4.
    2. B. In partic., a public banker, who regulated the paying out of public moneys, Cic. Fl. 19, 44: quinqueviris creatis, quos mensarlos ab dispensatione pecuniae appellārunt, Liv. 7, 21: mensarii triumviri, id. 23, 21; 26, 36.
  2. II. Mensārĭum, ii, n., table furniture, a table-cloth: collarium, quod in collo est.: mensarium, quod in mensā est, Prisc. p. 590 P.