Lewis & Short

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rĕ-bŏo, āre, v. n. and a.

  1. I. Neutr., to bellow back, resound, re-echo (poet.): reboant silvaeque et longus Olympus, * Verg. G. 3, 223; so, rupti poli, Sil. 17. 252: et reboat raucum regio cita barbara bombum, Lucr. 4, 546: reboatque ursa superba lupis, Val. Fl. 3, 634: ubi cymbalum sonat vox, ubi tympana reboant, Cat. 63, 21.
  2. II. Act., to cause to resound, make echo (poet.): nec citharis reboant laqueata aurataque templa, Lucr. 2, 28: reboat te quicquid carminis echo Respondet silvae, Nemes. Ecl. 1, 73.