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reddĭtĭo, ōnis, f. [reddo], a giving back, returning.

  1. I. Jucunditatis, Vulg. Ecclus. 1, 29: rationis, i. e. rendering a reason, Aug. Civ. Dei, 21, 7.
  2. II. A repetition, recurrence: orationis, Mart. Cap. 5, § 533.
  3. III. Rhet. t. t., Gr. ἀπόδοσις, the consequent clause, the apodosis, Quint. 8, 3, 77; 79; 80; Aus. Idyll. 12 pr.

reddĭtīvus, a, um, adj. [redditio, III.], of or belonging to the apodosis, consequential, redditive: pars, the apodosis, Diom. p. 432 P.: particulae, e. g. talis, ita, Prisc. p. 1052 P.

reddĭtor, ōris, m. [reddo], one who pays, a payer: debitorum, Aug. Ep. 5; Vulg. Ecclus. 5, 4.

reddĭtus, a, um, Part., from reddo.