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zēlo, āre, v. a., = ζηλόω.

  1. I. To love with zeal or ardently (eccl. Lat.): populum summo pietatis amore, Tert. Carm. adv. Marc. 4, 36; Aug. Conf. 1, 7.
  2. II. To be jealous of: non zeles mulierem sinus tui, Vulg. Ecclus. 9, 1.
  3. III. To be zealous for: zelat zelum legis, Vulg. 1 Macc. 2, 58.
    Also in dep. form: zelatus est legem. Vulg. 1 Macc. 2, 26.
    Absol.: zelatus est pro Deo suo, Vulg. Num. 25, 13.