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mōtĭo, ōnis, f. [moveo], a moving, motion; a removing (class.).

  1. I. Lit.: principium motionis, Cic. Fat. 19, 43: corporum, id. N. D. 2, 58, 145: ab ordine motio, a removing, Dig. 47, 20, 3.
    Abstr., motion: ipsum animumquasi quamdam continuatam motionem, Cic. Tusc. 1, 10, 22.
    1. B. In partic., in medicine, an ague-fit, Cels. 3, 5, 28.
  2. II. Trop.: motiones animi, emotions or affections of the soul (old reading), Cic. Ac. 1, 8; better, notionibus.

mōtĭto, āre, v. freq. a. [moto], to move often, move about (post-class.), Gell. 9, 6, 3 dub.

mōtĭuncŭla, ae, f. dim. [motio], a slight motion, shaking; in medicine, an attack of fever (post-Aug.), Sen. Ep. 53, 6: tentatus in Campaniā motiunculis levibus, Suet. Vesp. 24 init.