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1. strĭga, ae, f. [stringo].

  1. I. A row of grain or hay cut down, a swath, windrow, Col. 2, 18, 2; cf. Fest. s. h. v. pp. 314 and 315.
  2. II. A furrow drawn lengthwise of the field, Jul. Front. Agr. p. 38.
    In a camp, the spaces between the squadrons, Charis. 1, p. 85 P.

2. strīga, ae, f. [1. strix], a woman that brings harm to children, a hag, witch, Petr. 63; cf. Fest. s. v. strigem, p. 314 Müll.: striga, γυνὴ φαρμακίς, Gloss. Philox.

* strĭgātus, a, um, adj. [2. strix], among surveyors: ager, a field whose length (or measurement from north to south) is greater than its breadth (opp. scamnatus), Aggen. p. 46 Goes.