Alatii Recitationes

Recordings of Latin Literature

These recordings are ordered chronologically, with the newest (and probably better ones) first.

Essays on Latin pronunciation

Copyright 2007, 2008, 2017 by Johan Winge.

Links to other sites featuring spoken Latin

Update 2017: The links listed below were compiled almost 10 years ago, and since then a lot of them have ceased to work, while at the same time a vast amount of new Latin audio has emerged online, making this index severely outdated. It is left here for the time being, for historical interest.

Here I have collected links to most of the sites I know of where it is possible to listen to recordings made in a restored classical pronunciation. If you know of a site you think belong here, please alert me! Roughly, the criteria for inclusion in this list have been that the reader(s) should use a reconstructed classical pronunciation, and ideally observe vowel quantity and make an effort not to have too strong an accent. (Also, if the amount of recorded material is significant, I have been more forgiving when it comes to faults in pronunciation; if a site contains only a few seconds of audio, the pronunciation would have to be close to perfect for the site to be included.)