Lewis & Short

damnas, indecl. [do, v. damnum], bound to make a gift or contribution, hence an old legal t. t., condemned, sentenced to do any thing (esp. to pay a fine).

        1. (α) With sing.: TANTVM AES DARE DOMINO DAMNAS ESTO, Lex Aquilia in Dig. 9, 2, 2; so, damnas esto dare illi omnia, Auct. ap. Quint. 7, 9, 12; id. ib. 9; Inscr. Orell. no. 4425 and 4428; Tab. Heracl. ap. Harbold. Mon. Leg. p. 104: S. C. ap. Front. Aquaed. 129 al.
        2. (β) With plur.: decem dare damnas sunto, Dig. 30, 122; ib. 32, 34, 1.