Lewis & Short

Amphĭărāus, i, m., = Ἀμφιάραος,

  1. I. a distinguished Grecian seer, father of Alcmœon and Amphilochus. Knowing that he was doomed to lose his life in the Theban war, he concealed himself in his house; but his wife, Eriphyle, was prevailed upon to betray him by the offer of a golden necklace, and he was compelled by Polynices to accompany him to the war, where he was swallowed up, with his chariot, in the earth, Cic. Div. 1, 40; Ov. P. 3, 1, 52.
  2. II. Derivv.
    1. A. Amphĭărēus (five syll.), a, um, adj., Amphiarian: quadrigae Amphiariae, Prop. 3, 32, 39.
    2. B. Amphĭă-rāīdes, ae, m., a male descendant of Amphiaraus, i. e. Alcmœon, Ov. F. 2, 43 (al. Amphĭărēïădes).