Lewis & Short

Ancȳra, ae, f., = Ἄγκυρα.

  1. I. A town in Galatia, now Angora, where was a marble temple of Augustus, built in his lifetime, Liv. 38, 24; Curt. 3, 1; Plin. 5, 32, 42, § 146; Claud. in Eutr. 2, 98.
  2. II. A town in Phrygia, Plin. 5, 32, 41, § 145.
    Whence, Ancȳrānus, a, um, adj., of or belonging to Ancyra, Claud. in Eutr. 2, 416: Marmor or Monumentum Ancyranum, a Latin inscription on the inside of the antœ of the temple of Augustus, containing a record of his deeds, being a copy of the bronze tablets placed in front of his Mausoleum; cf. Suet. Aug. 101, and Wolf, Suet. II. p. 369 sq.; cf. Bähr, Lit. Gesch. p. 286.