Lewis & Short

2. Jŭba, ae, m., the name of two Numidian-kings.

  1. I. Juba I., king of Numidia and a part of Mauretania, who joined the party of Pompey, gained a victory over Cæsar’s legate Curio, and put an end to his own life after the battle of Thapsus, Hor. C. 1, 22, 15; Caes. B. C. 2, 25; Suet. Caes. 66; Auct. B. Afr. 25 and 43.
  2. II. Juba II., the son of the former, who, after his father’s death, was brought by Cæsar to Rome, where he received a liberal education, and won himself great reputation by his historical works and works on the history of art. He married the daughter of Antony and Cleopatra, and was afterwards reinstated in his paternal kingdom, Plin. 5, 1, 1, § 16; 6, 27, 31, § 139; Tac. A. 4, 5; 23; Suet. Calig. 26.