Lewis & Short

Mărīca, ae, f., a nymph in the territory of Minturnæ, on the river Liris, the fabled mother of the Latins, Verg. A. 7, 47; Serv. acc. to Lact. 1, 21, 23, Circe, who was deified after her death. After her was named the lucus Maricae, the grove consecrated to her, Liv. 27, 37; called also, silva Maricae, Mart. 13, 83, 1; and, querceta Maricae, Claud. Cons. Prob. et Olybr. 259: palus Maricae, the lake near Minturnæ, where Marius hid himself after his flight from Sylla, Vell. 2, 19, 2.
As subst.: Mărīca, ae, i. e. Minlurnæ, Hor. C. 3, 17, 7: regna Maricae, the territory of Minturnæ, Liv. 2, 424.