Lewis & Short

per-volvo, volvi, vŏlūtum, 3, v. a., to roll or tumble about (syn. voluto).

  1. I. Lit.: aliquem in luto, Ter. And. 4, 4, 38.
    Mid., to roll one’s self, to roll: in suo pervoluta sanguine, weltering, App. M. 8, p. 207, 22.
    1. B. Transf., to turn over a book, to read: Smyrnam incana diu saecula pervoluent, Cat. 95, 6.
  2. II. Trop., to be very busy or much engaged in any thing: ut in iis locis pervolvatur animus, Cic. de Or. 2, 35, 149.