Lewis & Short

tībĭālis, e, adj. [tibia].

  1. I. Of or belonging to the shin-bone or tibia, tibial; hence, subst.: tībĭāle, is, n., a warm wrappage about the shins, a kind of stockings or leggings: hieme feminalibus et tibialibus muniebatur, Suet. Aug. 82: si miles tibiale vel umerale alienavit, Dig. 49, 16, 14, § 1.
  2. II. Of or belonging to the flute, flute-: harundo tibialis calami, used for flutes, Plin. 16, 36, 66, § 168: tibialis aura gemit, Sid. Ep. 9, 13 in carm. 2 med.