Lewis & Short

Bandŭsĭa, ae, f., a pleasant fountain near Venusia, the birthplace of Horace, celebrated by him in song, C. 3, 13, 1 sq. Ritter and Orell. ad loc. (diff. from the celebrated Digentia of the Ep. 1, 16, 12 and 104, as is shown by the Privilegium Paschalis II. anni 1103 ap. Ughell. Ital. Sacra, tom. vii. col. 30, Ven. 1721; cf. Fea and Jahn upon Hor. C. 3, 13; Capmartin de Chaupy, Découverte de la maison d’Horace t. iii. pp. 364, 518 and 537).