Lewis & Short

ădōnĭum, ii, n., = ἀδώνιον.

  1. I. Acc. to some a plant, a species of southernwood, bearing a flower of golden color or bloodred, as if from the blood of Adonis; acc. to others, a mode of cultivating flowers, as if Adonis horti, the garden of Adonis, Plin. 21, 10, 34, § 60.
  2. II. In gram., the Adonic verse, composed of a dactyl and spondee, –⏑⏑––⏑, Serv. 1820 P.; Grot. 2, 104; e. g. Hor. C. 1, 4: terruit urbem; visere montes, etc., said to have been so named because used in the festival of Adonis; also ădōnĭdĭum, Mar. Vict. 2, p. 2518 P.