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Aemĭlĭus, a, um, adj. [aemulor], the name of a Roman gens, greatly distinguished for the illustrious men whom it furnished. The most celebrated of them was L. Aemilius Paulus, the conqueror of Perseus, and the father of Corn. Scipio Africanus Minor: domus, Manil. 1, 794: tribus, Cic. Att. 2, 14; Liv. 38, 36.
Aemĭlĭa Vĭa, the name of three several public roads.

    1. 1. One, constructed by M. Aemilius Lepidus, as consul, A. U. C. 567, began at Placentia, and passed through Parma, Regium, Mutina, Bononia, Forum Cornelii, Faventia, Forum Livii, and Caesena to Ariminum, where it joined the Via Flaminia, Liv. 39.
    2. 2. One, constructed A. U. C. 645, by M. Aemilius Scaurus, as censor, led from Bononia, through Pisa and Luna, to Dertona, Strab. 1, 5.
    3. 3. One extending from Ariminum to Aquileia (some, however, consider this as the same with the first), Mart. 3, 4.
      Sometimes absol., Aemĭlĭa, instead of Via Aemilia: in ipsā Aemiliā diu pugnatum est, Galba ap. Cic. Fam. 10, 30.
      From the public way, Martial calls the region between Ariminum and Placentia (commonly Gallia Cispadana) regio Aemilia, Mart. 6, 85.
      Aemilius pons, so called after its builder, M. Aemilius Scaurus, Juv. 6, 32 Rupert.
      Poet.: Aemilia ratis, the ship on which the booty acquired by L. Æmilius Paulus, in the war with Perseus, was conveyed to Rome, Prop. 4, 2, 8.
      Aemilius ludus, a gladiatorial exhibition introduced by P. Æmilius Lepidus, Hor. A. P. 32.