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Aenēas, ae, m. (also in the nom. Aenea, Varr. ap. Charis. p. 50 P.; cf. Quint. 1, 5, 61; gen. sometimes Aeneā, Apul. Orth. § 23 Osann.; acc. Aenean often, after the Gr. Αινείν, Ov. F. 5, 568; id. H. 7, 36; voc. Aenēā, Poët. ap Varr. L. L. 6, § 60 Müll.; Ov. H. 7, 9), = Αὶνείας, Æneas, son of Venus and Anchises, the hero of Virgil’s epic poem, and ancestor of the Romans, worshipped after his death as Juppiter Indiges; cf. Nieb. Röm. Gesch. 1, 207 sq.