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Albĭnŏvānus, i, m., a Roman proper name.

  1. I. C. Pedo Albinovanus, a contemporary and friend of Ovid (v. Pont. 4, 10), an epic poet, of whose greater epic, which had for its subject the deeds of Germanicus, we have only a fragment remaining, under the title: De navigatione Germanici per Oceanum Septentrionalem, in Sen. Suas. 1, p. 11.
    See Quint. 10, 1, 90; Crinit. Poët. Lat. c. 64; Bähr’s Lit. Gesch. 83; 217 and 218; Weich. Poët. Lat. 382.
  2. II. Celsus Albinovanus, a contemporary of Horace, to whom the latter addresses one of his epistles (Ep. 1, 8, v. Schmid. Einl.).