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Albŭla, ae, f. [albulus], sc. aqua.

  1. I. An earlier name for the river Tiber, in Middle Italy: amisit verum vetus Albula nomen, Verg. A. 8, 332; Ov. F. 4, 68.
  2. II. Albŭla, ae, or Albŭlae, ārum, sc. aquae, several sulphur-springs near Tibur, mentioned in Strabo and Pausanias, which were beneficial to invalids both for bathing and drinking. Only three now remain, which form three small lakes, called Bagni di Tivoli: Canaque sulfureis albula fumat aquis, Mart. 1, 13; Plin. 31, 2, 6, § 10; so Suet. Aug. 82; id. Ner. 31; cf. Müll. Roms Camp. 1, 161 sq.