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Crĕūsa, ae, f., = Κρέουσα.

  1. I. A daughter of king Creon, of Corinth, married to Jason, and on that account put to death by Medea by means of a charmed offering (a garment, acc. to Hor. Epod. 5, 65; a garment and a golden chain, acc. to Sen. Med. 571 sq.; a crown, acc. to Ov. Ib. 601; Plin. 2, 105, 109, § 235), Hyg. Fab. 25; Sen. Med. 496; 509 al.
  2. II. A daughter of Priam, and wife of Æneas, Verg. A. 2, 738.
  3. III. A town, with a harbor, in Bœotia, Liv. 36, 21, 5; 42, 56, 5.
    Also called Creūsis, acc. to the Gr. Κρεῦσις, Mel. 2, 3, 10.