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Lăbĭēnus, i, m., the name of several Romans. In partic.,

  1. I. T. Atius L., a legate of Cæsar in Gaul, who afterwards went over to Pompey, Caes. B. G. 1, 10; Hirt. ib. 8, 52; Caes. B. C. 3, 13; Cic. Att. 7, 11, 1.
    1. B. Hence, Lăbĭēnĭānus, a, um, adj., of Labienus: milites, Auct. B. Afr. 29, 2.
  2. II. Q. Atius L., an uncle of the former, an adherent of Saturninus, Cic. Rab. Perd. 5 and 7.
  3. III. A rhetorician, who, from the boldness and fierceness of his disposition, was called Rabienus, Sen. Contr. 5 praef.