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Massĭcus, i, m. (with or without mons), a mountain in Campania, celebrated for its excellent wine, now Monte Massico: per juga Massici montis, Liv. 22, 14: vertunt felicia Baccho Massica qui rastris (sc. juga, or arbusta), Verg. A. 7, 725: in Massici radices, Cic. Agr. 2, 25, 66.
Hence, Massĭcum vīnum, or simply Mas-sĭcum, i, n., wine of the Massicus, Massic wine: veteris pocula Massici, Hor. C. 1, 1, 19; 2, 7, 21: vina, id. S. 2, 4, 51: Bacchi umor, Verg. G. 2, 143; 3, 526.