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Nērĭo, ēnis, or Nērĭēnes, is, or Nērĭēnē, ēs, or Nēria, ae, f. [a Sabine word which signified bravery; v. Nero; hence, personified, in the Roman mythology], the companion and wife of Mars; nom. Nerio, Gell. 13, 22, 4; Mart. Cap. 1, § 4; acc.: Mars salutat Nerienem uxorem suam, Plaut. Truc. 2, 6, 34: Nerienes, Varr. ap. Gell. 13, 22, 4 (Sat. Men. 83, 1): Neria Martis, Cn. Gell. ap. Gell. 13, 22, 13: nolo ego Neaeram te vocent, sed Nerienem, Licinius Imbrex ap. Gell. l. l. fin.