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Nŏmĭo, ōnis, m., a hymn to Apollo, Paeanem aut Nomionem citarimus, Cic. de Or. 1, 59, 251 B. and K.

Nŏmĭus and Nŏmĭos, ii, and Nŏ-mĭon, ōnis, m., = Νόμιος and Νομίων,

  1. I. the Pasturer, a surname of Apollo, because he tended the flocks of Admetus (cf. Verg. G. 3, 2); acc. to Cic. N. D. 3, 23, 57, it is from νόμος, lex, and denotes the fourth Apollo: Paeanem aut Nomionem citārimus, Cic. de Or. 1, 59, 251 Klotz.
  2. II. A son of Apollo and of Cyrene, the daughter of Hypseus, king of Thessaly, Just. 13, 7, 7.