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Nōra, ōrum, n., = Νῶρα.

  1. I. A hill-fort between Lycaonia and Cappadocia, Nep. Eum. 5, 3.
  2. II. A very ancient city in Sardinia, now Nori.
    1. B. Nōrensis, e, adj., of or belonging to Nora, Cic. Scaur. 1, 4, c.
      In plur.: Nōrenses, ĭum, m., the inhabitants of Nora, Cic. Scaur. 2, 9; Plin. 3, 7, 13, § 85.
  3. III. A city of India, Curt. 8, 11, 1; v. Mütz, ad h. l.