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Parthāon, ŏnis, m., = Παρθάων, son of Agenor and Epicaste, king of Calydon, and father of Œneus: ego te simitu novi cum Parthaone, I know you as well as I do Parthaon, i. e. not at all, Plaut. Men. 5, 1, 45: Parthaone nate, i. e. Œneus, Ov. M. 9, 12; cf. Hyg. Fab. 175; 239 and 242.

  1. A. Parthāŏnĭdes, ae, m., a descendant of Parthaon: Parthaonides dux, i. e. Tydeus, the grandson of Parthaon; acc. to others, Meleager, the brother of Tydeus, Val. Fl. 3, 705.
  2. B. Parthāŏnĭus, a, um, adj., Parthaonian: Parthaonia domus, the house of Œneus, Stat. Th. 1, 670.