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1. torquātus, a, um, adj. [torques], adorned with a neck-chain or collar. In gen.: miles, presented with a chain for his bravery, Veg. Mil. 2, 7 fin.: affuit Alecto brevibus torquata colubris, with snakes coiled about her neck, Ov. H. 2, 119: palumbus, the ring-dove, Mart. 13, 67, 1: quid de aliis dicimus, qui calamistratos et torquatos habeant in ministerio, Amhros. Ep. 69, 7.

2. Torquātus, i, m. [1. torquatus], the surname of T. Manlius, so called because he put on the neck-chain of a Gaul whom he slew in single combat; also, of his descendants, Quadrig. ap. Gell. 9, 13, 19; Cic. Fin. 1, 7, 23; id. Off. 3, 31, 112; Liv. 7, 10; Flor. 1, 13.
Adj.: Torquata nomina, Luc. 7, 584.
Hence, Torquātĭānus, a, um, of or belonging to a Torquatus, Torquatian: horti, Front. Aquaed. 5.