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ăd-uncus, a, um, adj., bent in the manner of a hook, hooked: nasus, a hooked or aquiline nose, * Ter. Heaut. 5, 5, 18 (on the contr. reduncus nasus, a snub or turned-up nose): serrula adunca ex omni parte dentium et tortuosa, Cic. Clu. 48: corpuscula curvata et quasi adunca, id. N. D. 1, 24: ungues, id. Tusc. 2, 10: baculum aduncum tenens, quem lituum appellaverunt, Liv. 1, 18: aliis cornua adunca, aliis redunca, Plin. 11, 37, 45, § 125.
Poet.: magni praepes adunca Jovis, i. e. the eagle, Ov. F. 6, 196.
Comp., sup., and adv. not used.