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căpis, ĭdis, f. [prob. akin to capio, q. v., but cf. κυφός, bent; κύπελλον, cup; and κύω, to hold], a bowl with one handle, especially used in sacrifices: invenitur etiam haec capis (capidis), cujus diminutivum est capidula: et vide quod magis Graecum esse ostenditur, cum in as protulit accusativum pluralem, Prisc. p. 708 P.; cf. also Paul. ex Fest. p. 48 Müll.; Varr. ap. Non. p. 547, 17; Liv. 10, 7, 10; Plin. 37, 2, 7, § 18; Petr. 52, 2; v. capedo.