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cottī-dĭē or cŏtīdĭē (v. Osann ad Cic. Rep. p. 475; less correctly quŏtīdĭē, v. Neue, Formenl. I. p. 676 sq.), adv. [quotdies], daily (class.; cf. in dies): ibatne ad Bacchidem? Pa. Cotidie, Ter. Hec. 1, 2, 82: minari, Cic. Phil. 1, 2, 5: cotidie vel potius in dies singulos breviores litteras ad te mitto: cotidie enim magis suspicor te in Epirum profectum, id. Att. 5, 7 init.: cotidie augere, id. Mil. 13, 34; id. Verr. 2, 4, 8, § 18; id. Or. 34, 120: te cotidie pluris facio, id. Fam. 3, 4, 2: haec tua justitia et lenitas animi florescet cotidie magis, id. Marcell. 4, 11.
Transf., of the night, every night, Quint. Decl. 10, 14.