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exemplāris, e, adj. [exemplum].

  1. I. That serves as a pattern or example, exemplary (late Lat.): virtutes, Macr. Somn. Scip. 1, 8, 5.
  2. II. Subst.: exemplāres, ium, m. (i. e. libri), copies (for the usual exemplaria), Tac. H. 4, 25; Fronto Ep. ad Anton. 2, 5.

exemplārĭum, ii, n. [exemplar], post-class for exemplar (cf. Lachm. ad Lucr. p. 82).

  1. I. A copy: binae tabulae testamenti eodem tempore exemplarii causa scriptae, Dig. 31, 47; Hier. adv. Helv. 8.
  2. II. A model, pattern, original, Arn. 6, 198; Schol. Lucan. 9, 563.