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flāgĭtātor, ōris, m. [flagito], an importunate asker, demander, dun (rare but class.): eicite ex animo curam atque alienum aes: Ne quis formidet flagitatorem suum, Plaut. Cas. prol. 24; cf. id. Most. 3, 2, 81; so of a dunning creditor, Gell. 17, 6, 10.
Transf.: hunc video flagitatorem, non illum quidem tibi molestum, sed assiduum tamen et acrem fore, Cic. Brut. 5, 18 (see the passage in connection).

        1. (β) With gen.: triumphi ante victoriam flagitator, Liv. 8, 12, 9: pugnae, id. 2, 45, 18.