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mănūbrĭum (mănĭbrĭum), ii, n. [1. manus], that which is grasped or held in the hand; hence, a handle, hilt, haft (class.): trulla excavata, manubrio aureo, Cic. Verr. 2, 4, 27, § 62: manubria, quorum optima sunt ilignea, Col. 11, 2, 92: bidentis, id. 5, 10, 2: per ipsum manubrii foramen, Pall. 3, 17, 8: cultellorum, Juv. 11, 133: epistomiorum, Vitr. 10, 13.
Prov.: Is etiam sese sapere memorat! Malleum sapientiorem scilicet esse manubrio, Plaut. Ep. 3, 4, 92: eximere alicui ex manu manubrium, to take the handle out of one’s hand, i. e. to deprive one of the opportunity of doing a thing, id. Aul. 3, 4, 12.