Lewis & Short

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mŏdĭŏlum, i, n. [dim. of modium, v. modius], the yolk: quinque ovorum modiola, Plin. Val. 1, 64.

mŏdĭŏlus, i, m. dim. [modius], lit., a small measure; hence, transf.,

  1. I. A kind of drinking-vessel, Dig. 34, 2, 37.
  2. II. A bucket on a water-wheel, Vitr. 10, 9: modioli gemelli, the boxes or cylinders of a forcing-pump, id. 10, 13.
  3. III. The nave of a wheel, Plin. 9, 4, 3, § 8; Vitr. 10, 4.
  4. IV. The box to receive the axle-tree of an oilmill, Cato, R. R. 20.
  5. V. A surgical instrument, a cylindrical borer with a serrated edge, a trepan, χοινίκιον, Cels. 8, 3 init.