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nŏmisma (nŭm-), ătis (also num-misma, Ven. Vit. S. Martin. 2, 338), n., = νόμισμα, a piece of money, a coin (not ante-Aug.).

  1. I. Lit.
    1. A. In gen.: acceptos, regale nomisma, Philippos, Hor. Ep. 2, 1, 234: largae nomismata mensae, Mart. 12, 62, 11: immensa nomismata, Ser. Samm. 28, 525.
    2. B. In partic., a coin not in circulation, a medal, Dig. 34, 2, 27 fin.: nomismata aurea vel argentea vetera, ib. 7, 1, 28.
      Esp., a medal or token given to the knights at the door of the theatre, and entitling the bearer to be served with wine: cum data sint equiti bis quina nomismata, quare bis deciens solus, Sextiliane, bibis? Mart. 1, 11, 1 sq.
  2. * II. Transf., a stamp, an image on a coin: en Caesar agnoscit suum Nomisma nummis inditum, Prud. στεφ. 2, 95.