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nummŭlārĭus (nūm-), a, um, adj. [nummulus],

  1. I. of or belonging to moneychanging; as adj. very rare: mensa, Dig. 14, 3, 20.
  2. II. Subst.: nummŭlārĭus (nūm-), ii, m., a money-changer, moneybroker, mensarius (post-Aug.; cf. argentarius): nummulario, non ex fide versanti pecunias, manus amputavit mensaeque ejus affixit, Suet. Galb. 9; Petr. 56; Dig. 16, 3, 7; Mart. 12, 57, 8.
    1. B. An officer of the mint who tested the silver before it was coined, Inscr. Orell. 3226; 3227.