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nuntĭātĭo (nunc-), ōnis, f. [nuntio], used only in relig. and jurid. lang.

  1. I. In relig. lang., a declaring, announcing; a declaration, announcement made by the augur respecting what he has observed: nos nuntiationem solum habemus: consules etiam spectionem, Cic. Phil. 2, 32, 81; 5, 3, 9.
  2. II. In jurid. Lat., an announcement, notice, declaration, information. So of an information respecting ownerless goods which fall to the fiscus: variae causae sunt ex quibus nuntiatio ad fiscum fieri solet, Dig. 49, 14, 1: novi operis, an information lodged respecting a work undertaken by another to one’s injury: de novi operis nunciatione, Cod. Just. 8, tit. 11; Dig. 39, 1, tit. 1; 5, etc.