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pā̆trōcĭnor, ātus, 1, v. dep. n. [patronus], to protect, defend, support, patronize, furnish a defence or protection to (mostly post-Aug.; not in Cic.).

        1. (α) With dat.: indotatis patrocinari, Ter. Phorm. 5, 7, 46: ut non homini patrocinemur sed crimin:. Quint. 2, 4, 23: patrocinari sibi, Plin. 14, 22, 28, § 148: ne ad illud quidem confugere possis, quod plerisque patrocinatur. Tac. Or. 10: nonne indignus est, cui exceptio patrocinetur? Dig. 2, 11, 2: loco, to defend the place, Auct. Bell. Hisp. 29 fin.
        2. (β) Absol.: patrocinari enim hoc esse aiunt, non judicare, Gell. 14, 2, 16.
        3. (γ) With ad and acc. (late Lat.), Macr. Somn. Scip. 1, 1, 5.
          Part. perf.: patrocinatus, in a pass. signif., protected, defended (post-class.), Tert. adv. Gnost. 4.