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prae-torquĕo, no perf., tum, 2, v. a., to twist forwards, twist round (ante-class. and post-Aug.).

  1. I. Lit.: praetorto capite et recurvato, Col. 3, 18.
  2. II. Trop.: praetorquete injuriae collum, Plaut. Rud. 3, 2, 12.

praetūra, ae, f. [praetor],

  1. I. the dignity or office of a prœtor, the prœtorship (class.), Cic. Mur. 26, 53: praeturae jurisdictio, id. Fl. 3, 6: praeturā se abdicare, id. Cat. 3, 6, 14; Tac. A. 3, 30.
  2. II. The term of office of a prœtor: intra ejusdem praeturam agere, Gai. Inst. 4, 56; 122.