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prăsĭnus, a, um, adj., = πράσινος, leek-green, prasinous: pila prasina, Petr. 27: color, Plin. 37, 10, 67, § 181: de nostrā prasinā est synthesis empta toga, Mart. 10, 29, 4: flabellum, id. 3, 82, 11: factio, the party of charioteers at the games who dressed in leek-green (v. factio), particularly favored by Caligula and Nero, Mart. 13, 78: cf. Suet. Calig. 55; and id. Ner. 22.
Hence, subst.: prăsĭnus, i, m., a charioteer of the leek-green party: de prasino conviva loquatur, Mart. 10, 48, 23.
Also, a gem, Capitol. Max. J. 1.