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1. rĕbellĭo, ōnis, f. [rebello], a renewal of war (by the conquered party), a revolt, rebellion (good prose; cf.: defectio, seditio): rebellio facta post deditionem, Caes. B. G. 3, 10; so, facere, id. ib. 4, 30; 4, 38: parare, Tac. A. 1, 55: coeptare, id. ib. 3, 40: comprimere, id. H. 2, 11: ad rebellionem spectare, Liv. 2, 18: ad rebellionem compellere, id. 9, 41: nihil rebellionis timere, id. 2, 16: Germaniae, Suet. Calig. 51: trium principum, id. Vesp. 1.
In plur.: multis Carthaginiensium rebellionibus, * Cic. Scaur. 19, 42.

2. rĕbellĭo, ōnis, m. [rebello], one who revolts, an insurgent, rebel (late Lat.), Treb. Poll. Salon. 1; Faustina ap. Vulc. Gall. Avid. Cass. 9; Vop. Prob. 9; cf. rebellis.