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tăbŭlīnum (also contr. tăblīnum), i, n. [tabula].

  1. I. A balcony, terrace, or other floored place in the open air: (cenitabant) rure in corte, in urbe in tabulino, Varr. ap. Non. 83, 21.
  2. II. A place where family records were kept, archives (for the usual tabularium), Vitr. 6, 4; 6, 8; Plin. 35, 2, 2, § 7; cf. Fest. p. 356 Müll.; cf. Becker, Gallus, 2, p. 178 sq.
  3. III. A picture-gallery, App. Flor. p. 364, 14.