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pūpillāris, e, adj. [pupillus], of or belonging to an orphan or ward, pupilary: pecuniae, the money of a ward, Liv. 24, 18 fin.: actiones, in behalf of orphans, Quint. 12, 6, 1: aetas, minority, Suet. Aug. 66 fin.: substitutio, the naming of an heir in case of the death of an orphan, Just. Inst. 2, 16; hence such a will is called pupillare testamentum, Dig. 28, 6, 2; or, pupillares tabulae, ib. 28, 6, 36 fin.: praedium, ib. 27, 9, 13.
Subst.: pūpillāris, is, comm., the heir named in place of a deceased orphan: substitutus, Dig. 28, 10, 5.
Adv.: pūpillā-rĭter, in place of an orphan: substituere aliquem, Cod. Just. 6, 30, 20.